Guide to Sticky Bonuses

Anyone who has ever played at an online casino is familiar with the concept of bonuses. These sites are able to issue a variety of these incentives to attract new players as well as to award loyal ones. One kind of bonus that players may not be familiar with is a sticky bonus.

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In comparison to the other kinds of bonuses, the sticky bonuses are the newest one. The sticky bonus was designed with the intent to offer players a larger pot from which to wager. Additionally, the sticky bonus was designed to keep the player loyal to the specific site. Most sticky bonuses are offered for the more popular casino games. This would include games like roulette, blackjack and craps.

When a player is awarded a sticky bonus, it will be a specified amount that is deposited to the player’s casino account. Usually sticky bonuses are for a large amount of money. In some cases, they have been known to be more than 300% of the player’s deposit.

Sticky bonuses do have some stipulations but not as many as some other kinds of bonuses. The biggest one being the fact that a player must wager a certain amount of money before any winnings may be withdrawn. Depending upon the casino, some players may withdraw winnings or their own funds. The amount they cannot withdraw is the amount of the original sticky bonus. Always verify the exact rules of each online casino as they do vary from site to site. In this manner, the online casino is assured loyalty by the player. Even though the sticky bonus is offered for a specific game, other games can be played to help meet the wagering requirements. Some casinos may not call these bonuses, sticky bonuses. They might refer to them as wagering only bonuses or non-cashable bonuses.

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