Winter Themed Slot Machines

With the Winter Solstice fast approaching and the official start to the winter season, it is time to look at the new online slot machine games that online casinos will be offering for the season. Microgaming has created the better selection of winter themed slot machines.

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One classic winter slot machine is Frost Bite. Created by Microgaming, this slot machine features varied shades of blue on the slot to mimic the atmosphere associated with winter.  The Frost Bite logo offers the jackpot payout as well as serving as the multiplier. The second highest paying symbol is Jack Frost which has been personified into an interesting character. The snowflake is another symbol used in this game. Only one payline can be found with this game. Players can chose to wager one or two coins when playing this slot machine game. 

Microgaming has also created another winter themed slot machine. Ski Bunny is a fruit machine that provides much excitement. The background of this slot machine is a luxurious ski resort. Most of the symbols on the reels are classic fruit symbols. However, there is a symbol with a bunny clad in a pink snowsuit that serves as the jackpot symbol. Many of the winning combinations with this game result in additional spins. The specific number will depend upon the symbols used to earn them.

There are three base games that can be selected in the Ski Bunny slot machine. These are the Blue Run, Red Run and Black Run. The names are a reference to different ski slopes continuing along with the skiing theme. With the Blue Run, the number of win spins that can be won are 1 to as many as 10. When choosing the Red Run, players can win 2 to 30 free spins. A range of 5 to 50 free spins can be won with the Black Run.

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