Multi Hand Video Poker

One strategy many casino patrons will use is playing multiple hands. Depending upon the game and situation, playing more than one hand can increase one’s chances of winning. Typically the games that permit this are blackjack and video poker.

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There is a difference in how these multiple hands are played. For instance, in multi-hand table games, players have to play each hand separately and independently of one another. On the other hand, with multi-hand video poker, players only play one hand and the effect is then transferred to the other hands. Another notable difference is in the number of hands that can be played. With table games, up to five hands can be played. Whereas with multi-hand poker, players can opt to play up to 100 hands.

Depending upon the software provider, multi-hand poker can come in two different formats. With providers like Microgaming and Playtech, if a player wants to change the number of hands they are playing, they must open a new game. However, some other video poker games made by Rival Gaming and Cryptologic are different. These games will permit players to select the number of hands they wish to play within a game. This way is much more convenient for players.

Keeping track of multiple hands may seem a bit overwhelming, but software developers have addressed this issue. In order to assist players in tracking their hands, the software will display color coded text. This identifies the hand ranking. Another option software developers have added to help with multiple hands is an option of adjusting the speed settings. When playing many hands, the fastest speed setting is recommended. After all, the whole purpose of playing multiple hands is to do so in the least amount of time. Choosing the fastest speed setting aids the player in this aim.

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