The History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Sometimes it can be rather challenging to determine definitively where exactly a card game originated. However, this is not the situation with the game of Caribbean Stud Poker. The name alone points to the geographic area where the game began, the Caribbean Islands. Actually, the game first was played on a cruise ship visiting the Islands. The game became popular on these voyages. Later, the game spread to land based casinos. In the beginning, this variety of poker did not offer attractive odds for the players. However, when the game spread to online casinos, they improved upon the game making it a bit more appealing to play. 

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The game of Caribbean Stud Poker was based upon a card game that was played in Spain during the 1500’s. Known as Primero, this game used three cards. Originally, you needed hands such as three of kind, a pair or three of the same suit. The game evolved during the 1700’s to permit bluffing. However, this is very difficult to do in this poker variant.

Caribbean Stud Poker came to the United States in the 1700’s. It was brought by the French. The game became quite popular in the southern part of the country which was largely settled by the French. In fact, during this time, Caribbean Stud Poker was a rather significant game. Many played the poker variation for entertainment purposes.
The game became played in many land based casinos. Also, when casinos moved online, the game of Caribbean Stud Poker began being offered by some online casinos. Many attribute the game’s success to its simplicity. The game is an enjoyable blend of both poker and blackjack. Unlike other poker games, Caribbean Stud Poker poses the player against the dealer rather than the other players seated around the table.  This makes it much more similar to blackjack.

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