Sic Bo

Casinos are often known for offering some of the more common casino games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. However, many casinos are beginning to offer less commonly known games for the playing enjoyment of their patrons. One of these games is Sic Bo. Much like craps, many gaming historians believe that Sic Bo is probably the game from which craps developed.

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Sic Bo can be found in both online and land based casinos. In order to play the game, only three dice are needed. The dice can only be touched by the dealer, which is responsible for rolling the dice. The resulting rolls are what are used to determine the game’s outcome.

Prior to the rolling of the dice, players would place a bet. There are different kinds of bets. One of these is that all three dice will land on the same number. Another is that the same number will appear on two of the dice and a third bet is the one specified number will appear on one of the dice. Players can also bet on what they believe will be the sum of all three dice. Betting on two different numbers occurring in one roll is also a type of bet in Sic Bo. Small bets are another type of Sic Bo bet were you bet the sum of the dice will be 4 to 10. Big bests are when the sum is predicted to be between 11 and 17.

When placing bets in Sic Bo, players may place more than one. The dealer uses special equipment to roll the dice to prevent any possible accusations of cheating. A platform covered with glass encases the dice. When it is time to roll the dice, the platform vibrates, shaking the dice. After the roll, the dealer would payout any winnings to the players.

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