Blackjack in the Movies

Movies often include casino games as major parts of their plots. For some movies, much of the action can take place in a casino. Of these casino games, it seems like blackjack is a popular game to appear in these movies. Many people enjoy the action blackjack adds to a movie. Whether you’re a fan of the game or not, blackjack movies are quite exciting.

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One blackjack movie is 21. Released in 2008, the title of the movie refers to the maximum desired hand count. In this movie, the real life story of the MIT blackjack team is told. This team became infamous for their team work as they relied on card counting to amass significant winnings in land based casinos. The blackjack scenes found within the movie are quite authentic. In this film, some players known as spotters play the minimum bet at the blackjack table and keep tabs on the count. Whenever the count reaches a favourable level, the spotters then secretly signal the big players who will then make significant bets and earning large winnings. Eventually, the team ends and are caught doing illegal card counting. It makes for an interesting movie.

Another movie that futures blackjack is “Rain Man”. This movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, includes blackjack but at less of a role than in “21”. Charlie Babbit, played by Cruise, has an autistic brother by the name of Raymond. Raymond was bequeathed a significant inheritance by their father. Receiving virtually nothing, Charlie kidnaps his brother in an attempt to obtain some of his inheritance. However, while on the road, he discovers his bother has a photographic memory which makes it possible for him to memorize which cards have been played. This leads to Charlie teaching Raymond how to play blackjack and the two head to Vegas casinos.

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