History of the Game of Craps

The game of craps is believed to have originated from a game known as Hazard. The game of Hazard became quite popular in England. It was played by both the nobility and the peasants. It was one of a few games that transcended economic status. Eventually over time, the game was imported to France where is also become a popular pastime for everyone.

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Hazard later was introduced in North America when the British and French settlers went there. It was after the game went to the New World that the name evolved at some point to craps. Traditionally in the English version of Hazard, when a two was rolled it was known as a crab. Many historians believe the name craps was actually a corrupted form of the term, crabs.

It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that the game of craps took on its present form. A man by the name of John H. Winn took the game of Hazard and modified it. For this accomplishment, John Winn is referred to as the father of modern craps.

Winn created the layout that is used on today’s craps tables. HE also was the one who invented certain types of bets made in the game of craps. This would include pass bets, don’t pass bets, big 6 bets and big 8 bets. Another major contribution made by Winn was the abolishment of crooked dice. Many players at the time were reluctant to play craps because they feared that the dice may be weighted to provide an unfair advantage to the casino. To do this, Winn established rules that permitted players to bet against the shooter. With this change, it didn’t matter if the dice were crooked since players could bet either way. This led to most casinos to quit using crooked dice.

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