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Get Minted Casino might not just be one of the best named sites on the web these days, they also know how to celebrate an event, as their recent Game Powder Plot tournament, which took place last Friday goes to show rather well. This big game, which was themed around the historic Bonfire Night and failed Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the government, sold a huge number of tickets and would no doubt have seen many a gamer miss out on the fireworks, instead deciding to take part in some virtual entertainment instead. This proved to be a good move for many gamers, especially the very lucky 'jwakeling' who claimed £500 in this special themed game.
When broken down, this win turned out to be a 186% victory, meaning that the lucky gamer in question won substantially more than he or she put in, making for a very rewarding night all round! Of course, any top notch casino site, or bingo site for that matter, will have their virtual finger on the pulse when it comes to national holidays and events, which is why so many sites have recently hosted Halloween themed games and promos, and in more recent times, Firework themed events. According to the Get Minted Casino homepage, there are many more themed tournaments coming up, so there are plenty of reasons to pop on over to this fine site at the moment.
One such is reason is to make sure that you are a member, as all these top events are limited to members only. To ensure that you currently own a full membership account over at the Get Minted site, pay them a visit today and check all the terms and conditions regarding signing up. It's certainly worthwhile with Christmas coming up!

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