Today's Big Winners at Spin Palace Casino.

Spin Palace Casino

Though the month has barely begun, the winners list over at the popular Spin Palace Casino site is already bulging with success stories, the likes of which will bring a smile to the faces of even the most misfortunate gamer.

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Yes, even today there have been huge jackpots paid out to gamers at this online gaming giant and it just goes to show that just because a new month has begun, there is no need to tweak the format over at one of the most popular online gaming sites on the internet right now. Not only do these wins suggest that the Spin Palace Casino is at the top of its game right now, it also points to a wide spread gamership, with winners hailing from all corners of the globe.
The only downside to the winners list over at the Spin Palace Casino site is that the winners remain anonymous at all times. There are not even alias’ published on their site, which can make it difficult to imagine yourselves in the same position as some of these lucky winners. Still, the amounts are rather impressive to say the least, and here are just a couple from today alone.

There is a lucky gamer who plays from their home in Italy who has won over $4,000 today already, a fine amount of cash for any gamer to receive. But, as you might imagine, this individual is far from alone on the winners list. There are gamers from all corners of the world who have won big pots today, including a very pleasing $7,000 plus win which went to a gamer in Australia.
To find out more about these big money wins, and perhaps put the UK back on the map when it comes to victories at the Spin Palace Casino site, why not pay them a visit and check out this month’s deals?

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