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Over the last few days, the Paddy Power Casino site has paid out some wonderful amounts of cash to gamers who have put in the effort. Of course, with a brand new month comes a whole host of new success stories, but just because Sunday was the last day of October, this didn't mean that things slowed down at all over at this particular online casino. Take the amounts won by the lucky gamers who play under the monikers of 'RH' and 'TE'. These gamers each claimed a very impressive share of £11,000 over the weekend which has just passed, going to prove that there are no quiet nights over at the Paddy Power Casino site.
These two lucky gamers are far from the biggest winners of the last few days however, as the gamer who plays under the alias of 'WM', who hails from Kent can confirm. This lucky individual claimed over £12,000 thanks to their commitment to the cause over the weekend, a fantastic amount of cash by anybodies standards.
The Paddy Power Casino, like the majority of casino sites which are in operation today, are extremely proud of their lucky gamers and the amounts which some of them have claimed. In fact, so proud are they that the Paddy Power Casino homepage features a 'winners' tab, allowing potential gamer to inspect some of the bigger and better prizes which have recently been handed out to fellow casino fans.

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If you are curious to see just how much cash has been doled out to gamers over the last few days at Paddy Power, then simply pop on over to their homepage today and have  a gander yourselves. Safe to say that if the end of October was anything to go by in terms of prizes, then November should be a cracking month over at the Paddy Power Casino site.

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