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The very generous team behind the scenes at Metro Casino have this week introduced a promotion which could see you receive two lots of pay cheques this month, and the next. With their already super popular 'Win a Month’s Salary' promotion, the Metro Casino site is certainly upping the pressure of fellow sites at the minute, and gamers are flocking over to this up and coming casino site in order to sample the goods. Metro Casino are fast becoming a major player in the online casino genre and this promotion will certainly do their chances of becoming a firm favourite in your household no damage whatsoever, but how exactly can you get in on the action where this promotion is concerned?
Well, if you wish to earn yourselves up to £2,000 in bonus cash this month, simply pop on over to the Metro Casino site and register. After you have become an official member of this site, simply deposit and play with £40 or more (easily done over the course of a couple of weeks) and you will be entered into a draw for this monthly cash give-away. Simple but effective stuff indeed from a site which is likely to become one of your new favourites at some point in the none too distant future.
There are of course terms and conditions with regard to this fine offer, and to ensure that you are up on them all, why not nip on over to the Metro Casino site when you next get a chance? Once there, clicking on the promotions tab will allow gamers all the information they need in order to take part in this promo. In addition to this deal, there are many more promotions for you to get your teeth into this month, so make sure that Metro Casino is on your list of places to visit before October ends.

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