Cherry Casino Weekly Winners List Filled With Wondrous Victories.

Cherry Casino

Cherry Casino, a site which some of you may not know too well as of yet, are equal to their rivals in the sense that they too are very proud of their winners, so much so in fact that they have recently added a scrolling winners list to the side of their homepage, allowing you gamers to enjoy the site of a good victory or two. This week has, apparently, been a very good week for gamers who enjoy their casino gaming at the Cherry Casino site and the evidence is there for all to see, scrolling with pride at the side of their homepage. Here are just a few of this last week’s big winners for your delectation.

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It would appear that the Cherry Casino site is something of an international hit these days, as not only are there gamers from the UK on this list, but also casino fans from across Europe. Many of this week’s lucky gamers are based in Turkey, including the gamer who plays under the alias of 'YUDA T'. This gamer not only managed to claim a very pleasing $3,064 on the Super Lucky Frog side game, they also won an even better amount in the same day on the Hot City slots game! Astonishing! Safe to say that for 'YUDA T', last week was one was to remember.
At the moment, the Cherry Casino winners list is looking particularly sparse when it comes to UK based winners, an issue which clearly needs addressing. To help change this fact, why not pop on over to the Cherry Casino website today where you can find details on all of the fine games and promotions which are currently on offer. Safe to say that you shall not regret paying them a visit and, should you need inspiration, take a moment to consider the gamer 'YUDA T' who won not once, but twice this week alone!

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