Mummy's Gold Casino Welcome Deals Second to None.

Mummys Gold

The team behind the scenes at the popular Mummy's Gold Casino site have just improved their already very impressive promotions list by giving their welcome deals a bit of a tweak, a very welcome move from a site which has been making some very big waves over the last few months and is considered by many to be one of the better sites on the net these days.

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As gamers across the world already know only too well, these days, every single site on the  net, every casino web-page in the online gaming universe is equally obsessed with claiming your custom before any other site else does. This goes some way to explaining why there are so very many different welcome schemes on offer out there, each one claiming to be better than the last.

Well, the current welcome scheme at Mummy's Gold Casino is without a doubt up there with the best of the web right now, simply because it offers something a little bit different. You gamers can not only enjoy a very generous initial bonus of up to £500 when you sign on the virtual dotted line, you are (and this is the deal breaker) also entitled to a very impressive one whole hour of free play, and believe me there is a lot you can do in a single hour over at this site.

So, if you fancy getting in on the action, before you have spent a single penny, pop on over to the Mummy's Gold Casino site today and check out the terms and conditions. With deals like this, it won't be long before this is your new favourite site!

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