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Now, once upon a time, the idea of rolling dice for money might have brought up images of outlaws in the mid-west of America, hiding in some back alley whilst angry cops patted their hands with their batons, ready to make a bust. Well, safe to say that this pastime is not quite as controversial as it once was, assuming you aren't playing in a dingy basement somewhere that is.

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In fact, so normal is the idea of throwing dice for money these days that Gala Casino, one of the biggest operators on the whole of the internet (as anyone who has enjoyed the thrills of online bingo will know) has introduced a whole series of new virtual dice games for your gaming pleasure.

Included in this new list of online dice games are 'Dice Hold 'Em' which retains the western theme that the game once had and a more space-age version of what is perhaps the simplest game on the whole of the net. However, if you are unsure of the rules then there is also a handy walk-through simulation of the game which gives you participants the chance to figure out the rules in a simple and safe way, that is to say one which won’t lose you any money.

In addition to these fine games and handy informative sections, Gala Casino also offer some very interesting promotions on these new dice games including the chance to climb a winners league,  big money weekly tournaments which could see you treble your winnings in a single throw of the virtual dice and many more exciting little trinkets for you to investigate.

So, if you are on the lookout for something a little different this week but also something with a bit of history, then why not pop on over to Gala Casino and check out their own take on a classic game?

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