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These days winning seems to be everything, as the failure of England in this summer’s world cup goes to show. Well, the world of online gaming in no less competitive which is why this week, the folks behind the scenes at Casino Tropez have introduced a winners page to their site which allows you gamers who haven't won for a while to stare nervously at the gamers who have had some serious success of late. I know, it might hurt, but here are just some of this week’s big winners, with the emphasis on big!

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The gamer who plays under the alias of 'claudio s' won a sterling amount of cash over at Casino Tropez already this week, having claimed a whopping $144,813! Now, this is a life changing amount of cash, whatever the exchange rate at the minute. Also, the gamer who plays under the title of 'Elizabeth D' has claimed over $200,000 by playing at Casino Tropez! Not bad I'm sure you'll agree! But one gamer has surpassed them all this week, and it's only Friday! Yes, the gamer titled 'Maurizio Z' has won over $300,000 this week already! Amazing!

Okay, so that might have hurt a touch but if anything it proves that big wins are possible folks, particularly if you play at Casino Tropez it would seem! Certainly it looks like lady luck has been spending a fair deal of time there, so don't you think you should maybe do the same?

To sample the latest goods and to find out more about, pop on over to the Casino Tropez casino website today!

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