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Now, some news is perhaps better than other stories, but we were shocked when we discovered this latest little nugget from the online casino world, and it is one which I hope some of your gamers out there will help to rectify.

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In fact, this is not so much a news story as it is a bit of a cry for help if you will because over at the popular gaming site Colosseum Casino, there have been no winners here in the UK for over a week! Now, this is a truly shocking statistic, and there looks like being no good reason for this to be the case, so hopefully, some of you gamers out there will be able to help rectify the situation because it doesn't look good.

Just so you know that this site isn't a dud, there have been huge winners made across the globe, Italy, Canada, you name it, winners are being made left right and centre at this popular online casino site, but for some unknown reason, we gamers here in the UK have had no luck of late. Now, the law of averages says that it can only be a matter of time until this scenario is sorted out, so let's look at the kind of money you, yes you, could win at this fine site.

The gamer who plays under the name of Kenny S. has won a fine amount of cash today alone, over $9,000 in fact, now that is the kind of money you could be seeing in your account if you play over at this fine site, and somebody here in the UK needs to get this unlikely and unfortunate scenario all sorted out, so, who is it going to be?

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