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If you happen to pay the Colosseum Casino site a visit, you will be instantly greeted with the tag-line, 'Do as the Romans Do'. If the Romans were used to winning large amounts of cash at casino sites, then hopefully you will be able to take this tag-line to heart.

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Speaking of large wins, there have been some very impressive victories over at this casino site already this week, and considering that the working week has barely begun, this is an impressive feat. As the Colosseum Casino site is international, the gamers who have won large amounts of cash come from far and wide, but the sheer magnitude of some of these wins will no doubt have you salivating, wherever you happen to be located on this earth.
Take the gamer who plays under the name of 'Alberto.B'. This gamer has claimed a wonderful amount of cash in the last 24 hours, over 4,500 Euros no less and he did so thanks to the very impressive video poker games which are on offer at the Colosseum Casino website. As you might expect, the Colosseum Casino site has a rather large Italian following and it is another Italian gamer who claimed the fine sum of 11,300 Euros, the gamer who plays under the name of 'Ricardo.G'.

There have been success stories from this island however, with the lucky gamer 'Andy.K' claiming over £3,000 thanks to the video poker games once again.

So, if you are looking for an international site which is happy to pay out large sums of cash head on over Colosseum Casino today!

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