Monday Madness at Grand Hotel Casino.

Grand Hotel Casino

Mondays can be called many things, not many of them positive. Still, 'mad' is a word which perhaps can also be attributed to the most heinous day of the week, and it isn't a good thing is it really. After all, who really enjoys that 'mad' dash to work in the morning after you've overslept or the 'mad' boss giving you a ticking off because you are literally no more than twenty seconds late to your desk in the morning. Yes, Mondays are mad alright and it's not a good thing at all, unless you happen to visit the old Grand Hotel Casino site that is.

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Firstly, I'm not sure how many of you gamers out there are already familiar with this site but believe me folks, it's a corker. Not only are their tons of games and promotions on the table for you to get your gaming teeth sunk into, but the whole site really does have a 'grand' feel to it, much like if you were stepping back in time a touch to a period where such things were standard, grandiose and much more impressive. Well, back to the promo in question, Mondays at this fine casino site are indeed bonkers, but bonkers in a good way, unlike the usual faffing around that comes with a Monday morning.

Yes, you gamers can now claim £100 every single Monday for a whole year thanks to this site and their latest promotion! Now how does that sound? It will certainly make for a much less painful start to the week now wont it folks?

To find out more about this seriously impressive promotion, pop on over to the Grand Hotel Casino site today!

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