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There is, though you might not think it, a very real chance that online casino sites might get a little bit stale in terms of the products they offer. No, honestly it's true! Though you might not think it, the sheer amount of work that goes into keeping things fresh at these sites is pretty much unbelievable and really needs to be applauded.

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Well, one site which is certainly going to be a long way from stale for quite some time is the rather brilliant Metro Casino; you know, the site which is based upon the free paper you get on the train in the morning?

Well, as you might expect then from a casino site which is, as I just stated, based on a free newspaper, things are not quite as run of the mill as some of you would maybe hope what with the totally crazy amount of games and promotions on offer at the site.

See, you gamers are likely to be treated to some very odd experiences at this site, including the all new, and very intriguing Celeb Top Trumps game. Now, whoever said that strange equals bad was wrong because these games, though by no means ordinary are not only hugely entertaining, they could also win you some serious cash too!

So, if you fancy taking a battle with Lady Gaga up against that fellow from Hollyoaks in the 'whose dress sense is worst' stakes, you know exactly where to go gamers. All further details on this game, and all the other fine examples of random entertainment which is currently on offer at the Metro Casino site can be found at the Metro Casino site.

Head over to Metro Casino today for some top celebrity games!

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