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See, most of the sites we look at here at are already familiar to me readers, simply because I am also something of a bingo lover and most of these sites tend to also offer a bingo product too. Well, if you were worrying about the standard of both sets of games, you needn't.

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In many ways the online gaming world can be looked at like a take-away. Honestly it can. See, most take-aways that offer both pizza and curry tend to be masters of neither and many folks will be concerned that online gaming sites are the same. Well, sometimes it is true, a site can well and truly be master of nothing and offers a reasonable at best selection of events and games and the like.

Well, Betfred Casino, like its bingo counterpart is, I am pleased to say not one of these sites. They are the exception, as both their bingo product and their casino games are top draw indeed, especially if you happen to play in a few days time!

Yes, Thursdays are very good days to play at Betfred Casino. No, this has nothing to do with the fact that TV isn't up to much on a Thursday evening, rather the fact that you gamers can look forward to claiming cash-back whilst you play, even if lady luck has no time for you it seems. Now, this is a fine promotion indeed.

This promo works in the way that even if you do not win, you still get a return on your money. The higher your status at the site however, the better your cash-back scheme will pay out.

So, for all the relative terms and conditions, nip on over to the Betfred Casino site today because you might just be entitled to a fine array of prizes!

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