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These days there are many gaming websites which are affiliated to newspapers and the like, particularly bingo sites.

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It seems that the likes of the Sun and the Daily Express to name but a couple of the many papers out there who have their own bingo sites, simply cannot get enough at the minute, constantly adding new promotions and games to their rosters. Well, the casino side of the coin has been left relatively unspoiled by tabloid newspapers, but it does have one site which has a newsy kind of relation, Metro Casino.

Yes, many of you who are unlucky enough to enjoy a daily commute of some kind or other, be it by train or by bus will have no doubt been met by this wonderful free paper once or twice in your time on this earth, but few of you would have expected it to be linked to a casino site! Well, I can safely say that not only is this paper linked to a site, it's also a pretty good one at that! For starters, how does the idea of gaining £15 free sound? Good? I thought as much.

Yes, this is the kind of deal which s on the table over at the Metro Casino site at the moment and it's a corker because it is not based on percentages, which is usually the norm in terms of bonuses at any site, be they casino or bingo based. Further details of this fine deal can be found over at the Metro Casino website but you will have to be a depositing gamer in order to receive this pleasing bonus, we can tell you that right now! So, for further details, you know where to go folks!

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