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Though the world of casino games is slightly less active than it's bingo counterpart, in terms of new promos every month at least, there are many sites out there which do their best in order to keep up with the sheer number of brand new deals which are constantly being brought out over in the bingo world.

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Well, one site which is certainly trying as hard as it can in order to keep the title of the best site promotions wise in the online casino market (it's up to you to see whether that statement is true or not folks), is the ever popular Purple Lounge Casino. Now, as far as names go, the Purple Lounge Casino site is very nicely titled and brings about images of plush settings and big prizes. Well, add into this equation the many top offers which you gamers can enjoy and this is a fine site indeed!

For starters, how does the idea of casino based happy-hours sound? Well, these can be enjoyed over at this particular casino site, and the happy hours in question are most definitely that! These special times fall on a Tuesday and a Thursday and could well see our deposits grow in a big way! Of course, there are also other very pleasing offer on the table too, such as their very generous welcome bonuses of £75! Not a bad amount right?

Still, if you want to give this site a go, you are likely to discover way more promotions than I can squeeze into a single article, so you might well want to pop on over to the Purple Lounge Casino site when you next get a chance. After all, you have to try a site to really get to grips with it, and this is one casino zone which deserves to be gripped firmly!

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