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Weekly games are a good way to extend that gamin pleasure over a seven day period (obviously), but then again, in order to keep your attention for a whole week, these games really do nee to be impressive little numbers now don't they?

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For example, many of you gamers out there will no doubt already be familiar with the whole concept of speed-games, a system which has taken the whole bingo world by storm of late, seeing as many gamers have a limited amount of time which they can devote to their favourite games. Well, perhaps you casino gamers out there just have more patience, but what is certain is that the week-long slot race games at Paddy Power Casino are very much frequented! Last week’s winners have just been announced, so let’s take a small peek at the kind of wins which have taken place of late at this fine site shall we?
For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'WM' came first, so it is only right to start with this gamer! Now, the amounts of cash on offer in these weekly events might not exactly be life-altering but they are also not bad either and 'WM' who hails from Rochester in UK claimed £350 by winning this promotion, a tidy sum indeed! To find out more about the winners who have claimed first, second and third place this week, why not visit the Paddy Power site?
There you can also find out how you can get in on the action next week! After all, a weekly tournament sounds like a challenge to me so if any of you casino lovers out there are up for it, you know where to go!

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