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Online casinos have been around since the mid-90s and whilst the classic animated card table approach is still available, it isn’t as fresh and exciting as it once was.

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The online gaming industry answered this with the advent of the live dealer experience but, despite providing the human touch, it can often be clunky and slow. Failing to get in a hand, or not being able to play the number of spins per minute the online gambler has come to expect, in addition to not always providing fluidity of picture, can be unsatisfactory.

So what’s the answer? Well it looks like Betfair Casino have found the happy medium with their world exclusive Real Deal games. The brand new concept has been launched offering six classic casino games:

•    European Blackjack
•    Vegas Blackjack
•    European Roulette
•    Money Wheel
•    Pontoon
•    Baccarat

The twist is that your dealer is an ultra-realistic CGI avatar complete with personality, hobbies and interests. The gaming labs spent two years developing the concept and it shows in the quality of the end product. With crisp background graphics too it really does provide a casino experience far more entertaining than the internet has ever managed before.

Betfair’s Head of Games Sam Hobcraft said: "We are really excited to launch these exclusive casino games. We are delighted with the product which looks stunning and the graphics are better than anything on the market. Customers can enjoy the games without download and experience exceptionally-quick game play for their favourite casino games."

The online casino world is looking in jealously and hoping for a piece of the Real Deal action as players clamour to try it out but, right now, it’s exclusive to Betfair Arcade. With a first 24-hour no loss bonus (up to £25) at Betfair Arcade it’s not surprising new players are flocking to try it out.

Get a piece of the Real Deal action now at Betfair Casino!

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