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Now, there is something of an event on at the moment, one which will no doubt have messed up your daily routine somewhat, especially as far as TV goes. Yes, even if you absolutely hate it, football is everywhere right now and if you really cannot stomach reading another football related casino article, you may want to look away now, as they say on the news before Match of the Day.

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Still here? Good, because this is an article which will have you reaching for your mouse any second. See, even if you cannot take any more football talk, I am quite sure that you still fancy claiming some fine prizes right? I mean after all, if football promotions pay out just as well as any other, there is no need to avoid them now is there? Well, this is one such promotion which will more than likely have you clicking straight over to the Winner Casino site.

Now, the Winner Casino site is famed for not only having one of the best names out there (simple yes, but effective none the less), they are also in the business of handing out some of the best value games on the web too it would seem. This particular football related raffle is just one of the numerous deals which is currently on offer at the Winner Casino site and it runs from now up until the the 11th of next month, giving you gamers the chance to claim a fine array of prizes up until this point.

So, for further details, pop on over to the Winner Casino website when you next get a chance because there are tons of exciting things up for grabs, prize wise that is and you'd be nuts to miss out on the goodies just because you're sick of the kick ball now wouldn't you?

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