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When a site is looking to make the jump and become one of the biggest in its genre, be it a bingo site or a casino site, then usually the way to go would be a new selection of promotions followed up by a fine advertising campaign.

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After all, though we here at pride ourselves in bringing you the best news and biggest promotional activity on the web, sometimes, especially if a site doesn't advertise their new promotions, then the message can be lost somewhere. After all, there are literally thousands upon thousands of sites out there, each vying for your custom as best they can so it can be a challenge to report ever little change which occurs out there, what's more you'd never be able to read it all!

Well, one aspect of growth which many sites over look are the actual games. As obvious as it might sound, sites tend to focus so intently on their promotions (a good thing, sure) that they can sometimes forget to add new games to their rosters. Well, not Mansion Casino.

See, the site in question has been super busy of late, adding a fine array of new games to their already rather pleasing selection. There are new slots available at the site including the magnificent Gladiator game, which is wonderfully designed and it based upon the Russell Crowe film of the same name.

There are also other film based games now playing at Mansion Casino such as the enormous 'Hulk' game which boasts the kind of prizes you might expect from a game with such a powerful title. To check out these new games and more, pop on over to Mansion Casino when you get a chance. Safe to say that you'll be entertained for a good long while with new titles like these.

Play all the latest new games over at Mansion Casino today for more chances to win!

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