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The Mummy’s Gold Online Casino newsletter is issued monthly, and offers exclusive promotions for the site’s players. In May’s newsletter, there are three exciting wagering contests which are sure to draw your attention.

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The most notable of these is the Bonus Slots Bonanza, which is being played over two legs. The first leg began on May 10th and will continue to run until Sunday, May 16th. The second leg will begin on May 24th and end on May 30th. Both of these legs are completely independent and each has a separate prize pool. Some of Microgaming’s best video bonus slots have been chosen for this contest, including Age of Discovery, Bush Telegraph, Curry in a Hurry, Pollen Nation, Starscape, Sunset Showdown and Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword. All these slots are connected by the fact that they all offer a bonus game on the second screen, hence the name Bonus Slots Bonanza.

Age of Discovery’s bonus game reveals a treasure map, several spots marked with an X. Players can keep selecting from these marked points to reveal the values of treasure uncovered. These are then totalled up and shown in the open gold compass, but when a player chooses a point which reveals a skull and cross bones then the bonus is over. However, the player will be awarded an extra bonus amount and the total will then be transferred to his credit.
The theme of Sunset Showdown is Western. The bonus game is known as the Baddy Feature, in which the player travels down the main street shooting at the bad guys who are on top of buildings. Random prizes will be awarded for every player shot down, and these are multiplied by the triggering bet. This bonus game ends after five baddies have been successfully shot.

Curry in a Hurry, as you can guess, features Indian cuisine with a spicy hot bonus to match. Players must choose three curry plates from the five displayed, each of which has a random number of chillies stored in it. The total number of chillies contained in the three chosen plates becomes the multiplier applied to the triggering bet, with a maximum multiplier of fifteen.

Each leg of the Bonus Slots Bonanza taking place at Mummy’s Gold Online Casino offers an impressive prize pool of $1,000. $300 will be awarded to the player who wagers the most, with $200 for the player who wages the second highest amount, $100 to the player who places the most bets and $400 shared among eight randomly selected players.

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