Gerbil wins $24,000 casino jackpot

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We often hear stories about pets doing amazing things for their owners, often saving their lives by detecting some unknown danger, but one lucky casino player has won a fortune thanks to his pet gerbil!

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Lucky player Viper007 told the story of how he won the jackpot of $24,660 at and said that his pet gerbil Timmy has been sitting on his shoulder at the time he was playing some online casino games.

According to Viper007 the gerbil has a nose for success and jumped onto the keyboard in the middle of one of his games, while he was on a bonus round. Lucky Timmy managed to scoop his owner a cool $24,660 with his lucky paws.

Viper007 said: "Timmy loves to sit on my shoulder and watch me play, but he's never jumped onto the keyboard before. He must've sensed something big was going to happen."

Perhaps pets really do have a sixth sense when it comes to these things and looks like gerbil Timmy is a bit of a casino fan, of course he was well rewarded for using his gerbil senses and the next day he got to eat cheesecake for breakfast –yum!

Of course you don’t need a handy pet sidekick to win some casino games (although it might help!) so if you fancy trying your luck on a few cheeky games then offers traditional card and table games as well as video poker, slots and some brilliant progressive jackpots.

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