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Though it is a given that every online casino site wishes to make their gamers feel welcome, some sites are clearly more into this whole bonus scheme than others. Sometimes you can join a new casino site and feel as if you're custom has gone unnoticed.

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Safe to say that this is not the case for new gamers who decide to give Mayflower Casino a go because they have what is without a doubt the best introductory offer we have seen on the whole of the web so far; a massive 400% bonus on whatever you deposit.

Now, we realise that your maths skills are probably fine but to demonstrate just how impressive this bonus scheme is, imagine you deposit a measly tenner when you sign up – this will see your account balloon up to £50, and all you have done to warrant such generosity is sign up and make a small deposit! Fantastic stuff!

Still, a great bonus scheme is pointless unless there are suitable places to spend this free money. Well, not to fear because the games selection at Mayflower Casino is just as impressive at the bonus scheme itself. There are blackjack games, roulette games, slots and tons more for you to get your teeth into and with all the extra money in your account, you'll be able to play for essentially nothing for a good long while!

There is also a 24 hour support team in action to answer all your casino based queries at the Mayflower Casino site, not that you should really have any questions; it's as simple as log in, deposit, play. So, if you fancy getting some serious value for your money, give Mayflower Casino a bash. You'll certainly feel instantly welcome!

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