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Gossip tends to be viewed as a negative thing, the kind of pastime enjoyed by bored housewives over garden fences in a cloud of cigarette smoke. But, if you happen to be spreading good news and positive vibes, then surely gossip is a good thing?

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With this in mind, Casino Euro have something of a fine offer on the table at the minute which sees you gamers with a positive mindset and a gift of the gab rewarded for spreading the good word. Yes, that's right, refer a friend to the Casino Euro site and they will reward you handsomely for your troubles.

If you happen to take advantage of this promotion, one which has become increasingly popular as gaming websites do their best to fight off the competition, then you can expect to be rewarded with the following; a 40 euro bonus as well as the option of loyalty points, which in themselves lead to further rewards. After all, loyalty is key these days in the online gaming world. In addition to the €40 you can stand to claim by referring a friend, the friend can also claim a hearty bonus of €20 when they themselves sign up.

So, assuming you like the product in question and seeing as there are a ton of games for you to enjoy over at the Casino Euro website we think that you might, then why not spread the good word and make yourselves and the lucky friend in question a little richer in the process with Casino Euro? Check the Casino Euro website for the full terms and conditions.

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