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Spin Palace Casino continues to vary the games offered at their site.  They strive to keep things new for their valued customers.  They currently offer six new games to their extensive line up.

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One of these games is the Winter Gold.  This slot machine game centers on an Olympic theme.  With a host of winter games, Winter Gold features five reels.  The paylines offered with this game are 15.  You can earn free spin with the multiplier.  A bonus round is also featured.  With the bonus wheel feature you can win up to an additional £6000.

Another new exciting slot game at Spin Palace Casino is Hot Air.  This game revolves around a hot air balloon.  This slot machine again also offers five reels.  However Hot Air has a total of 30 paylines.  Other exciting aspects of this new game include wilds, scatters and free spins.

Love Potion is another new offering from Spin Palace Casino.  This game has a Valentine’s Day theme.  Featuring nine paylines, this slot machine game is also comprised of five reels.  Wilds, multipliers scatters and free spins abound when playing Love Potion.  A bonus feature called Loves Struck can also be found with this exciting new game.  The jackpot offered with this game can go as high as £62,500.
The CashOccino slot machine game is also new to Spin Palace Casino.  The theme of this game is rather unique as it features a coffee shop and shows different types of coffee filling up coffee cups.  The game has an extra bets feature which is another unique feature of this game.  Using this feature costs the player half of their original bet.  The free spins are also doubled to 30.  When to scatters show up on the slot reels you also will win an additional spin.  With these unique features this particular slot machine game does not have a bonus game on another screen.

Tribal Treasure is the fifth new game to the site.  This particular slot machine game really is the story of an explorer being cooked alive by a native of Africa.  The highest jackpot one can obtain through this game is 10,000 coins.

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