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Members of the VIP club at Get Minted Casino receive a variety of bonuses throughout the calendar year.  These members are rewarded for their continued use of the Get Minted Casino site.  One bonus that comes with your of the VIP club membership is the “Seasons Greetings” quarterly bonus which occurs four times a year.

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  Every three months VIP club members can receive up to £300 in a cash bonus.  Bonuses are rewarded on the third business day of the months of March, June, September and December.  Therefore if you receive the full bonus of £300 at the end of every quarter you could have a total of £1200.  In order to receive these quarterly bonuses a player’s the minimum deposit total should be at least £4500.  This total should have occurred within the prior three month timeframe.  Additionally during these three months the VIP club member must have wagered at least £30000.

The VIP members also receive a loyalty point’s monthly bonus.  For any player ay Get Minted Casino when they make a wager they receive a loyalty point.  Each loyalty point is equivalent 1 pence if you decide to withdrawal your bonus.  However if you choose to play your bonus at the Get Minted Casino then one loyalty points is worth 1.2 pence.  In order to make this promotion a little sweeter for their VIP club members, Get Minted Casino has added a twist.  VIP club members will continue to accumulate these loyalty points.  However at the conclusion of each month, Get Minted Casino will add a bonus of three times your loyalty point bonus.  For example if your loyalty points monthly bonus is the equivalent to £100 in withdrawable cash, the people at Get Minted Casino will calculate three times this amount.  In this example three times the amount would be £300.  This additional bonus of £300 is added to the £100 monthly bonus for a total of £400 in withdrawable funds.  Even if you choose to redeem your loyalty points before the conclusion of the month you will still be eligible for this special bonus as a VIP club member.

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