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Get Minted Casino offers their customers several different loyalty clubs. Get Minted Casino appreciates the patronage of their many customers therefore through these clubs they provide ways in which to reward them.

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One programme being offered by Get Minted Casino is their VIP club.  There many benefits to taking advantage of membership to the VIP club.  With this reward program you have the opportunity to receive an award simply by playing your favourite casino games. Members of the VIP clubs are eligible for the monthly bad luck bonus.  With this promotion at the commencement of every month the Get Minted Casino staffs will calculate your true loss and profit.  Using this calculation they will then credit your account with a percentage of your loss.  There are two tiers to this bonus: the first tier is for those VIP club members whose true loss calculates to be between £5 and £1000.  These players are eligible to receive a 10% bad luck bonus.  The second tier was created for VIP club members whose monthly true loss calculation is either £1000 or greater.  These players are eligible for a 15% back luck bonus. 

The formula used to calculate your loss profit subtracts your monthly deposits from your monthly withdrawals.  This difference is then added to the difference between your monthly starting balance and your monthly ending balance.  For example let’s say you begin the month with £500 in your account and as the month unfolds you make a total of in £500 in deposits throughout the entire month you withdrawal a total of £200.  Then at the conclusion of the month you have no more funds available in your player account.   Get Minted Casino would calculate your true loss to be £800.  This makes to eligible for that your one cash bonus which is 10%.  Your account would be credited £80.

 Get Minted Casino uses this formula as they believe it is the truest and most various measures to determine a player’s monthly results.  The bad luck bonus is rewarded at the beginning of the following month.  This bonus comes in the form of cash so you do not need to meet any requirements in order to begin utilizing your bad luck bonus.

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