Wagerworks to Provide New Games for Betfair

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It's been reported that Betfair has commissioned Wagerworks, who provide online, mobile and iDTV game content, to provide extra games for his site.

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Ca$hino was the first of the new games to be showcased on March 9th and it went on to take the top spot on the Betfair Arcade site.  The game to be launched was Rainbow Riches which was launched on March 23rd. Since Rainbow Riches was launched it has occupied the top game spot  on the site and has so far proved to be a player's favourite with figures awarding it a top tier position alongside the number one game Monopoly.

One new game is expected to be launched every fortnight until June 29th giving punters seven new games. However, neither Betfair or Wagerworks are giving away what they will be. They've put a teaser on the site saying: "You didn't think we would give it away that easily, did you?!? To find out which new games we have brought you on a fortnightly basis, come back here or visit the New Games Area and, rest assured, you'll find some doozies!!!"

And it seems that the new games are paying off as figures for WagerWorks games have consistently shown a high daily spins figure.

Speaking about the tie up with Wagerworks Betfair Arcade manager, Stuart Banks said this week: "Our relationship with Wagerworks started well over a year ago and the performance of their games on Betfair Arcade has been outstanding.

"The great brands that they work with really appeal to Betfair's customers."

While Oliver Lofthouse, director and general manager at WagerWorks said, "I am delighted that Betfair has chosen to select additional Wagerworks titles to add value to what is already an impressive lineup of game content.

"The performance of these latest releases again reiterates the advantage we have from bringing proven land-based game titles to the online space, ensuring our games excite players and add value to our partners from the outset."

It's not the first time that Wagerworks has supplied games for Betfair, they first took games from them in September 2008 these included the branded games based on the most popular board games of all times - Monopoly with Pass "Go" Bonus and Cluedo. The other two games were Cleopatra and Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition

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