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Paddy Power Casino continues to offer their customers some super promotions. Right now, their Chase to Win promotion still is going on. This promotion promises to award a total of £200,000 over three months. Commencing in January, the Chase to Win promotion has awarded a total of £50,000 in that first month as well as the same amount in February. However, March proves to be the most lucrative month of the Chase to Win. In the month of March, a grand total of £100,000 will be dispersed to players at Paddy Power Casino.

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Those familiar with Paddy Power Casino have probably participated in the casino’s previous Race to Win promotions. The current Chase to Win is similar. However, the Chase to Win will give out more money to players. Secondly, the Chase to Win revolves around a central horse racing theme.

In order to participate in the Chase for Win, simply play your favourite games at Paddy Power’s Instant Casino. During the Chase for Win, every £1 you wager will garner you Chase to Win points. The same rate of redemption works if you are wagering Euros. Depending upon which games you choose to play will determine exactly how many Chase to Win points you will earn.

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