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Betfair Casino have announced the launch of their ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion, every time you refer a friend to the casino you will receive £100 as a cash bonus.

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The scheme is a simple way for you to earn some extra rewards whenever you refer a friend to the online casino. Not only will you receive a £100 cash reward for each friend you refer, but you friend will also receive £50 so you both benefit just for signing up.

If you have a friend you’ve been telling about Betfair casino then introducing them is easy, just log into the Betfair casino site and go to their ‘Refer and Earn’ section where you will have the option to send you friend an email asking them to sign up.

If your friends want to join then all they need to do is sign up at Betfair casino and enter the unique referral code that is in the email you send them, or they can just click on the link in the email to automatically be directed.

You will receive your £100 cash bonus in 48 hours after your friends join and your friend will also receive a £50 cash bonus when they earn 1000 point at Betfair casino.

So if you’ve been raving to your friends about how great Betfair casino is, this is their way of saying thank you and both you and your friends can get a cash bonus at the same time as well as having access to some great online casino games.

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