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You can now get up to 50% revenue share in Partycasino’s new promotion 'Decide your own Revenue Share'.

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You can decide how much revenue share you will receive by referring a certain number of real money player’s (RMP’s) in February, which will determine the amount of revenue share you will get in March through to May.

The promotion works on the number of RMP’s you refer to Partycasino; If you refer 2-5 players then you will get 35% revenue share, 6-10 players will get you 40% revenue share, 11-15 players will get you 45% percent and if you can refer over 16 players then you will receive a whopping 50% revenue share.

If you manage to maintain the number of players you refer to the site for two consecutive months after February then the promotion will also be applicable in June. If you are able to keep the players coming and maintain the number of RMP’s for three months then the percentage of revenue share will be extended until July.

If you want to get more money for referring players then you can take part in this promotion throughout February, see the site for terms and conditions.

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