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Score big during this Superbowl weekend with Rushmore Casino offering VIP players up to $10,000 in bonuses on their next ten deposits.

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This Superbowl Sunday will be a massive event for any Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints fans and a date that’s in every NFL fans diary. Since many fans will be placing bets on their favourite teams, there is a lot of competition amongst the bookies to grab your attention.

Rushmore’s VIP members will already know that the site offers loads of great promotions and this one is no different. You can earn up to $10,000 on your next ten deposits, which is great news if you are planning on backing your favourite team this Superbowl Sunday.
Although the Indianapolis Colts are currently the favourites to win there are also some great odds on the Saints, and with a variety of bets to make from the winner of the match, the first team to score and the player who scores the first touchdown, we’re sure that you can use your bets wisely at Rushmore.

Head over to the Rushmore site and click the option to ‘Redeem Coupon’ when you are making your deposit and enter the code you have retrieved from their Promotions page.

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