Titan Launches Online Bookmaker

Titan Casino

A new online bookmaker has been launched onto the British interactive gambling industry. Titan Bet, which comes under the Titan brand, focused on the online casino industry, is primarily concerned with sports betting. There is a very large business to be found in land based betting shops, and with gambling on the internet growing as a brand in recent years it makes sense that these two industries should begin to merge.

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Players can expect to find £100 of free bets placed in their online account when they sign up to the Titan Bet site. This is a large amount of money to receive completely for free!

Titan Bet has three additional sites, and the success of these sites is likely to have led on to this new online betting shop being developed. These closely linked sites are entitled Titan Poker, Titan Casino and Titan Games, and they offer traditional casino games and the chance for players to win big money on them, by depositing money on the site. The move into the online sports betting industry signifies a step forward in the progression of the Titan brand.

To receive the £100 of free bets on the site players must simply register, by putting in their details. They must enter the code MAXIMUMBONUS in order to qualify for the free bets, which are likely to last the player a very long time. It could even be a few weeks before players have to deposit any money themselves.

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