Planned gambling reforms prove unpopular with gaming giants

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The government is not proving to be particularly popular with leading gaming industry figureheads, as the CEO of one of the leading gaming brands in the United Kingdom speaks out against the latest proposals.

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The objections come from the CEO of William Hill, Ralph Topping, who has recently come forward to express his views about proposals to introduce new tax regulations into the United Kingdom – and Mr Topping finds them less than favourable.

Mr Topping has warned the government that the planned changes would be tantamount to a “minefield” and he also claims that any such changes would serve to compromise the interests of gaming operators within the United Kingdom, as well as the industry as a whole.

The government plans include the introductions of a secondary gaming licence, as well as a brand new taxation regime. The UK Treasury has also revealed that all of the new measures would extend to those British gaming operators who stage their operations offshore. This means that the new measures would have a direct impact on the market leaders within the United Kingdom; William Hill and Ladbrokes – both of which relocated to Gibraltar to reap the benefits of a much more liberal taxation system.

In his critique of the proposals, Mr Topping accused the government of allowing “different departments to do their own things”; he also commented that the government was taking a 'salami slice' approach, and failing to take the entirety of the picture into consideration.

“They’re in danger of making huge mistakes” commented Mr Topping.

Mr Topping also cited Gibraltar as the “hub of online gaming activity in Europe”, before confirming that there was “not a chance in hell” that William Hill's operations would be making a return to the shores of the United Kingdom

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