UK Government due to introduce secondary gaming license

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Changes are due to be brought about in the way people gamble in the United Kingdom, as the UK Government bring about plans to introduce a secondary gaming license...

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The British Government is currently in the process drafting new legislation which aims to address the current regulation and taxation covering offshore gaming services.

The changes have been brought about due to the fact that UK gaming legislation, as it stands, has been put under intense scrutiny in recent months; this has partly been influenced by the massive shakeups that rocked the gambling industry in the United States earlier in the year.

The new plans have been put forward by the Minister for Tourism and Heritage for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport; he has announced about the introduction of a secondary license for remote gaming operators.

Among the changes that the new measures would introduce would be the arrival of a new license fee, as well as a revised betting tax regarding the operator's revenue.

Although the changes have yet to e confirmed in their exact nature, the casino industry within the United Kingdom is understandably concerned.

The concerns have led to intense debate throughout the gaming community, with many having to defend themselves from complaints which they have found coming in their direction. These complaints include that fact that many casinos that are operating under the jurisdiction of offshore countries are subject to significant tax benefits. This means that they are subject to an advantage over firms based in the United Kingdom; this in turn has led to operators, such as William Hill, relocating the base of their operations to Gibraltar.

The plans will have the gaming industry at large monitoring the UK Government's plans with great interest over the upcoming months.

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