Management re-shuffle to be held within eCOGRA

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In the world of online gaming, eCOGRA is well-known for being a pillar of good standards and customer protection; it now appears that the organisation is experiencing some trouble and its original founders look set to be removed of their role...

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eCOGRA is responsible for many regulatory tasks within the gaming industry, including player protection, software testing and maintaining strict online gambling standards. Despite this, there has always been some degree of upheaval regarding the true independence of the organisation, due to the fact it was established by three of the gaming industry's biggest and most successful names: Bwin, Microgaming and 888.

This possible bias doesn't look set to be an issue for much longer; the founding owners of eCOGRA are poised to be removed from their roles, thanks to a successful initiative by the organisation's chief executive Andrew Beveridge.

eCOGRA claim that the latest action marks a new era in customer protection and satisfaction within online gaming; they promise that the ownership structure of eCOGRA will never again be allowed to include software providers, online casino operators, or anyone else within the industry who could be seen to have biased interests.

The buy-out has been widely praised within the industry for being quick, efficient and without issue; eCOGRA will now be left to decide its own long-term policy and strategic plans. It is thought that the organisation will continue to pursue its original mandate, with an eCOGRA spokesman echoing the sentiment, saying: "Those basic principles will remain our goal in addition to increased competitive commercial activity."

"Going forward eCOGRA intends to become a major force in helping shape new gaming regulations, offering specialized advice and assistance to existing and emerging jurisdictions and at the forefront of establishing industry standards." stated eCOGRA CEO Andrew Beveridge, when asked of the organisation's future intentions.

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