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The Titan gaming company have become particularly well know for their brand of online poker rooms: Titan Poker. However, they also offer a superb online casino, which is bound to become a favourite amongst online gamers everywhere...

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Like virtually every online casino nowadays, Titan Casino provide the standard welcoming bonus on a players first deposit, though it is worth noting that the 100% bonus is set at a high £200, meaning a potential £1,200 in free cash for simply playing at Titan Casino.

It's always admirable to see a casino provider who doesn't disappear in terms of bonuses and offers as soon as a customer has made their first deposit, and at Titan Casino players are sure to feel valued as they continue to receive a 100% bonus of up to £200 for the first six months of their gaming experience. This totals up to another potential £1,200 over the six months, which is value that is rarely seen at online casinos.

Players at Titan Casino can also expect to receive no fewer than 26 weekly bonuses of 100% of a up to £100. This surpasses both the welcoming bonus and six month stay bonus in terms of potential value for money, as players who are planning on making regular deposits can hope to see a return of a staggering £2,600 in free cash.

Nowadays, it pays to consider doing something a little out of the ordinary and the way in which you make deposits into your casino account is one of them. Titan Casino are offering their customers an extra 15% bonus for choosing to make their casino deposits via alternative payment methods (the list of which can be found at Titan Casino's online promotions page). Now there's no excuse not to have a go at something a bit different...

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