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Bet365 Casino are quickly gathering a reputation as one of the hottest online casino providers on the internet; a quick glance at their customer promotions sections reveals exactly what Bet365 Casino are doing so very right...

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One of the most eye-catching promotional offers at Bet365 Casino is undoubtedly their £3,000 Bonus Bundle offer, which promises Bet365 Casino customers the chance to “enjoy a batch of great bonuses every month”. The offer allows customers to claim a series of bonuses based on deposits and transfers, worth 20% of £50 or more, up to a maximum of £200 each time.

What's refreshing about this particular promotion is that players get the opportunity to milk the offer for all it's worth, by being allowed to make use of it no less than four times a week. That equates to the stunning total of £3,000 of bonuses up for grabs in all. All players have to do in order to qualify it simply type 'BONUS3000' whenever they are making a qualifying deposit or transfer (while the offer is still applicable).

Bet365 Casino are also making use of one of the oldest means of gambling for their special January promotion, because at the flip of a coin, Bet365 Casino customers have the opportunity to make themselves a tidy profit. As with any fantastic promotion, the premise is simple: players earn themselves points be correctly determining coin flips, with more points awarded for a higher stake on the bet and the number of consecutive flips in a row that are guessed (up to a total of 3).

The number of points won will then work out as a cash prizes, which is determined by the prize table on Bet365 Casino's promotional offer website. With a first prize of £100 and a closing date on the offer of January 26th, there has never been a better time than now to indulge in a few games of the old classic Heads or Tails...

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