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Intercasino is one of the UK's oldest and most trusted online casinos; one thing is very clear about this legendary name in online gaming – you don't stay this popular without doing something very right...

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Intercasino have seen over a billion pounds of money pass through their casino since they started out, and one of the reasons for their staggering success is surely their innovative VIP program, which was the first to try and cater for casino customers of all pocket sizes. Their VIP program is industry leading and combines over 13 years of experience in customer care with dedicated and knowledgeable support staff.

One of Intercasino's brightest ideas is undoubtedly their 'My Bonus 4 Life' which is a tailor-made reward program for Intercasino customers. The promotion is amongst the cleverest and rewarding available due to the fact that it stays in line with an Intercasino customer's level of activity in the casino. Players can use the bonuses that they amass on the Bonus 4 Life program on any game in Intercasino's range, from Millionaire's club to Solitaire.

The Bonus 4 Life programme works by offering existing Intercasino customers a private monthly bonus, as well as informing them of upcoming bonuses and promotions that they will be eligible to access, giving Intercasino customers a fantastic heads up.

The amount of bonus promotional material that customers receive is directly related to how active their account has been during the previous month, meaning that the more you play, the better the bonuses that will be sent your way.

Intercasino will send a list of tailor-made promotions to each of their customers every single month, as well as outlining exactly what must be done in order to qualify for each of the offered bonuses, meaning that Intercasino customers do not lose out on their offers because of confusing small print.

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