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The last seven days has seen some fantastic victories across the web, and the Ruby Fortune Casino site is no exception, with top notch jackpots being handed out left right and centre since last Monday. Yes, there have been many gamers come and go over at Ruby Fortune of late, and some of them have left in a much better financial position than they were in when they initially logged in. Here are just a few of the mind melting victories which have taken place over at the Ruby Fortune site over the last week.
Players identities are very closely guarded over at the Ruby Fortune site which means that there are no names to give you, only the victories. Still, one lucky gamer who hails from Canada claimed over $2,000 on slots alone last Thursday, and will no doubt still be celebrating today. This is far from the biggest win of the week however, as the gamer who won over $3,000, also thanks to slots action will testify. This lucky individual plays his or her games across mainland Europe in Switzerland, but even this player is not the biggest winner of the week.
That accolade goes to two separate gamers, one from Canada, and another from across the globe in Australia. Both these lucky gamers won a life changing amount of cash, over $26,000 thanks to the various games which are on offer over at the Ruby Fortune Casino website and, this we are sure of, neither of them will ever regret signing up at this site! To find out more about last week’s big winners, or to check out the latest promos, visit the Ruby Fortune site today where further details can be located.

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