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The last week has been as active as ever over at the Sky Vegas site, with gamers claiming very impressive amounts of cash for their hard work, not to mention the entertainment which is also provided over at what is fast becoming one of the best loved sites on the web right now, as far as online gaming goes.

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As is often the case in both the online casino genre and the online bingo community to boot, the majority of big money wins from the last few days have come via the medium of the side game, of which there are many over at the Sky Vegas site. Gamers can enjoy a whole range of slots and the like, many boasting possible jackpots which will have you reaching for wallets. Here are just some of the big money jackpots which have been handed out this week already at Sky Vegas.
First up is the gamer who plays under his initials of DJ. This lucky gamer, who lives in North Yorkshire, has claimed over £29,000 this week already over at the Sky Vegas site. This wonderful win came courtesy of the 'Fantastic Four' slots game and we would imagine that he's pretty happy with his rather impressive win up in the Yorkshire dales right about now!
Another gamer who won big this week shares initials with the previously mentioned winner. This particular DJ comes from Cardiff and he too has claimed a very impressive amount already this week at Sky; £4,999 to be exact, although this win came about thanks to some persistence in the roulette games. To check this week’s winners list for yourselves, why not nip across to skyvegas today? There you can find the full list of lucky individuals and even have a go at beating these scores yourselves.

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