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Party Casino are currently offering some of the biggest and best jackpots on the web, and thanks to their rather flashy website, gamers can now keep on top of these pots at all times. The new scrolling jackpot menu on the Party Casino homepage allows gamers to keep track of the size and frequency of the jackpots which are on offer over at this fine gaming website.

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This is handy for numerous reasons, but for potential gamers, it might well be the factor which sets this site apart from many others. For example, imagine if you were simply perusing the Party Casino site; by checking the status of their jackpots, you are likely to be drawn into their games, particularly as some of these pots are currently in a league of their own.
Of course, as the world of online gaming is constantly changing and evolving, these pots are likely to be different now than they were at the time this article was written. Yet, this should give you an indication of the sheer extremity of the potential pots which are on offer over at Party Casino. For example, their popular game, cleverly entitled 'The Big One' boasted a pot of over £1.7 million at the time this article was penned! Absolutely incredible stuff, and there are plenty more to rival this pot to boot.
So, if you are currently on the lookout for a brand new casino site at which you can play for life changing jackpots, you may well want to pop on over to theParty Casino site and check out the status of their current jackpots. Safe to say that the prizes are very much winning at this particular casino site.

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