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The recent trend for X-Factor and Deal or No Deal themed games has perhaps become a little stale of late. Of course, the games themselves are often pretty playable, but the sheer number of games which boast a similar theme has become a little daft in recent times, with pretty much every bingo and casino site on the web featuring a game which boasts a Noel Edmonds based likeness.

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Still, there are games over at the Sky Vegas site which are based upon TV shows, but classics from the past which are sadly no longer on our screens. Take the ever popular game-show “Blockbusters”, which met its demise in the nineties. The show has remained something of a cult item for TV lovers ever since it first landed on our screens, and it has now returned in Casino format over at the popular Sky Vegas website.
Enjoying something of resurgence over at Sky Vegas at the moment, this fine game features the traditional Blockbusters board and could well see you gamers claim some very impressive prizes. Though it is technically a slots game, it can be hard to remember this fact thanks in no small part to the sheer effort which has gone into making this game look and feel as good as it does.
To find out more about the Blockbusters game which is currently on offer over at the skyvegas site, why not pay them a little visit and check out the current goings on over at this super popular online casino site? This is just one example of the many games which you can enjoy over at Sky at the minute, and if TV shows are close to your heart, there are other similar themed efforts on offer to boot.

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