32 Red Casino Announce Last Months Big Winners.

32Red Casino

32 Red Casino have recently placed last month’s big winners on their homepage for all to see, and their pride is very much deserved as some of these victories are beyond impressive. Before we take a look at some of these giant wins, let's have a little check on some of the more recent victories.

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Over the last seven days, gamers have won some extremely pleasing amounts including the very lucky 'Elizabeth U' who won over £4,000. She wasn't alone in terms of a big money prize fund however, as the gamer who plays under the alias of 'Jan Erik E' also claimed just under £5,000 for his efforts, proving that every week sees big money games pay out over at the 32 Red Casino site.
Still, the victories which came about last month were perhaps the best the site has seen for some time, and certainly are yet to be bettered during the month of October, so far at least. Take the gamer who plays under the name of 'Richard H' for example, this gamer claimed over £12,000 at 32 Red during September but even this win was far from the biggest and best.

The gamer who plays under the alias of 'Gary S' managed to scoop a life changing £43,000 plus at 32 Red last month, an unbelievable amount of cash for any site to offer up. Still even this top notch win isn't top of the list. That accolade goes to the gamer 'Mohammed S' who won over £75,000! Utterly astounding stuff indeed and, though we have been unable to contact Mohammed for a comment, we would imagine that he's one happy chap right about now.
To try and knock these wins out the park this month, pay the 32 Red Casino site a visit today. There you'll find the very same slots which made these gamers rich, and who knows, maybe your alias will adorn the winners list come November.

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